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Giovanni A. Mocchetti, is a 23 years old italian-born photographer based in Milan.
He discovered photography at the early age of 15 and turned it ever since as a way to express himself.
His focus on fashion and portrait photography evolved from his early experiences as an event and club photographer.

Clients & Publications
Alfa Romeo, Allianz, Another Day Magazine, Ardbeg, Beck's, Cartier, City Life Milano, Designboom, Deutsche Schule Mailand, Disney, Domus, Gobbi Orologeria, H&M, Herno, Institute Magazine, IQOS, Italian Open, L'Officiel, Louis Vuitton, Offtherails Magazine, Patek Philippe, Pisa Orologeria, Playboy, Rolex, Roof Magazine, SZ Bikes, Tag Heuer, Tim, Tod's, Tudor, Vogue Italia, Vogue Talents, & more


‘DaSein’ at Dalla Róse Ateliér, Milan 2018

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